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In following Jesus, christians try to be a good neighbour to people in our communities.

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"In Christ all things hold together"

Colossians 1:17b



Oasis Coffee Bar

The Oasis Coffee Bar is open on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday between 10am and 12 noon. It is staffed by volunteers mainly from the methodist church, but it is supported by other churches through the Churches Together group.

dgbxdgbnIt serves fairtrade tea and filtered coffee, toast, toasted teacakes, biscuits and a selection of other goodies depending who is on duty. Everything is served to the  customer free of charge, but should you wish to, there is a basket for donations. Monies received after covering costs will go towards the Church's project.


Messy Church

Stourport Wesley Methodist Church supports Messy Church which is a Churches Together project held in Wilden School and St Bartholomew's School. There are two sessions per term at each school.

It happens on a Wednesday, after school where children and parents are given an opportunity to explore a christian topic through: crafts, creative activities and a prayer corner. It also incorporates an act of worship and a sit down meal that all can share.

Town Centre Chaplains

     Work, business and life in general can be stressful. Having someone to talk to in confidence can make all the difference.

     Members of the Town Centre Chaplains visit local shops, offices and businesses on a regular basis. We believe in a God that cares; so we, in this small way try and do the same.

     The chaplaincy service is free, available to people of all ages, of any religion or none. It is not a formal counselling service. The town centre chaplaincy team works closely with Faith at Work in Worcestershire, and is a churches together project.

Care Home Chaplains

       The Circuit coordinates a chaplaincy service to many Care Homes in the area. Stourport Wesley helps to supplement that by providing regular services, with communion, at Ravenhurst residential home.

Twinning Arrangement.

In June 2016 we had a visit from Bishop Samuel of Rwanda. This was the first step of our new venture to twin Stourport Wesley with the developing church in Ruyenzi, a town near the capital Kigali. Since then members of Trinity Church Kidderminster have made 2 visits to Ruyenzi, bringing back beautiful items made there, for sale, with the proceeds going towards the cost of the new church they are building themselves.

In April 2017 we had a visit from Ephaste, our contact with the Ruyenzi church. Ephaste brought a video of their church congregation and building showing the wonderful enthusiasm of their people. The church is slowly taking shape when money allows, but they remain positive and joyful.

The 2 churches encourage one another by emails and support one another by prayer.

We hope this is the start of a long relationship between the churches.

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